Radius listening IP and port

Hi, I am using the ova file (multiOTP-open-source-vm- for AD sync and 2FA auth with F5 APM. Although the AD sync and local auth checks works like a charm, I could not make the radius server listen on anything other than which came out with the virtual appliance. No matter what I change on clients.conf it still listens on the same ip:port combination. Could you please help me? Best regards,


  • Hello, this is not the freeradius port, it's the multiotp proxy port. Freeradius port is set under /etc/service Why would you need to change it ? Have a nice day
  • To be more precise, the multiotp proxy port is fixed and is only used to optimize the speed of the multiOTP command line by caching the opcode of a "server-side" proxy version, especially for micro-computer that have slow read access on the storage.
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