Hardware token

Sorry quick question, if most of my AD sync'ed users are using MS Authenticator for TOTP, can i have one users which uses a hardware token, i.e. Feitian c200 for example?


  • Hello,
    yes you can using this command to create your Feitian token:
    multiotp -import tokens_definition_file [key|pass|key_file]
    Then this command to list your token
    multiotp -tokenslist
    Then this command to assign the created token to the user
    multiotp -assign-token user token-id
    Best regards
  • Hi, Thanks for the reply, ok will try it.
  • So does that mean the user has both a MS Authenticator and a Feitian token or does the Feitian override the other?
  • Hello, The Feitian tokan override the other, but you can make a "duplicate" of the hardware token by flashing the QRcode for this user, which will create a software token similar to the hardware one.
  • Thanks , would that be this command? multiotp -qrcode user png_file_name.png (only for TOTP and HOTP)
  • Hello, Yes, you're right. Regards,
  • You can also print it using the WebGUI if you are using it.
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