Morning All, I've upgraded to to test the new pin functionally (thanks for adding this btw) but unfortunately it no longer works for me? I cannot auth and it doesn't generate a log? If i revert back to it starts working again....


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    Do you have any information in the log file ? (you can enable the debug level by setting debug=1 in the config/multiotp.ini file).
    You can send the log file to info@multiotp.net.
    Thanks in advance for your information and best regards,
  • Hi AndreL, The issue is with radius, maybe the fix for the journaling of the pin, if i try the test within the website it worked, if i try from radius it doesn't log anything?
  • Debug is on the way with Nick, we will come back here after resolution.
  • The radiusd.conf file contains the 41812 and 41813 configuration, and when the script radius_install.cmd is launched, it creates a NEW radiusd.conf file based on radiusd.template.conf.
    During an update, if we just copy the new files overs the old ones, without uninstalling and reinstalling the service, radiusd.conf is overwrited with the "legacy" radiusd.conf.
    Starting with release, radiusd.conf and clients.conf files are removed of the distribution, as these files are created automatically (based on a template) during the service installation, and this way, upgrade will not overwrite the existing files.
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