Pin length

How do i change the length of the prefix pin, its currently 4, would like to make it bigger?


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    Hello, simply set the prefix pin when you create the user. For example : multiotp -fastcreate john 123456 This will create a user john with prefixpin 123456
  • Hi, Thanks for getting back to me. I'm creating the users from a ldap import?
  • Any ideas, is this possible?
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    Hello, We have added some features for that in version, which will be available on Monday 4. December 2023.
    • multiotp -config default-pin-digits=n to fix the generated prefix PIN to n digits
    • multiotp -htmlinfo username /full/path/to/username.html to generate the HTML proviosioning file from the command line
    • multiotp -htmlinfo /full/path/to/folder/ to generate provisioning files for all users in the defined folder
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    This is now available in version
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