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I really wanted to thank the multiotp developers, they are doing a great job. I wanted to understand if there is a roadmap of the things that will be done on multiotp community. from what I understood: the sending of the qrcode via e-mail to the created users will be implemented/ automatic synchronization with ad will remain on commercial product/ Email account recovery/ Multiple hardware tokens support for one account/ VueJS frontend/ Radius gateway support/ YubiCloud support/ FIDO support (SOAP service)/ Doxygen documentation format/ Users CSV impor/ could I propose to have the web page of the configuration file? the file are simple parameters, having a screen to manage them via the web would be great. same thing to have on the browser the log file / radius log to check what happens under the hood.


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    Hello Burghy, Internal roadmap of the open source version of multiOTP is adjusted depending:
    * the support/donation we have from the community
    * the internal "free" time we have to implement new feature

    VueJS 3 frontend will be implemented this year, which will redesign the whole GUI.
  • Please note that Email account recovery is available (you have to send "email" and the account)
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