Is it possible to have multiple tokens (TOTP and Yubikey) for a single User

MultiOTP is a great solution. Thank you for the hard work. From time to time, we have users who need to login from devices with no Yubikey option (no ports or NFC). Is it possible to allow the account to use OTP AND the Yubikey -- with the same account?


  • Hello, This is not possible right now, but will be imporved later this year. The good thing is that a Yubikey (with Yubico protocol) provides it's serial number inside the typed characters, which will be easier to focus on the correct 2FA device. Source code already have a "// TODO check multiple tokens (loop)" ;-) Stay tuned Regards,
  • Update: In case anyone is looking to temporarily solve the same problem before the TODO is done. While our users are configured to use Yubikey (YubiOTP), we found that the option to send SMS would text us a 6 digit code that would allow us to login from devices that were not compatible with the Yubikey (incompatible USB or lacking NFC). Also worth noting is that Yubikey users were able to use the emergency codes (10) one time use 6 digit codes.
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