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We have tried to implement MultiOTP with the RD Gateway, but with MultiOTP protecting just the RDP part you get a second "logon" screen. Is there any way to make this process smoother? Perhaps just a screen that asks for the 2FA code (not username, password (again) and the code? Maybe a way to pre-fill the username and password with the info already submitted? Maybe better RD Gateway integration?


  • I have seen reference to a Push notification that was planned to be available Q2 2020 -- is this still possible (in a new timeframe)?
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    Hello, A push notification, that will work also for other radius devices, is planned for end of Q4 2020, at least for Android (iOS validation should take a few more weeks).
  • Will you have an integration for the RD Gateway? Even a non-push solution that simply asks for the code would be great.
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    Hello, Currently, you can have a look here (thanks Roman for the nice work):
    Remote Desktop Web Access (RDWeb) mit MultiOTP sichern (https://roman.gallauner.at/?p=886)
    MultiOTP Authentication Provider für ADFS 3.0 (https://roman.gallauner.at/?p=880)
  • I believe that this is implemented and the 2nd screen is asking for ONLY the second factor (we're using Yubikey so we're pressing the button to fill the second factor).
  • Thanks for the feedback.
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