Remote Desktop Agent Customization

Hi All; MultiOTP is very strong system and am welling to install it and sync AD users. but why not to have the login logo change option and the welcome message under the logo customized ? browsing the photo and changing the welcome screen will be so useful and great


  • Hello, and thanks a lot for your feedback and your support.
    Maintaining and improving our open source solution take time, and we set priorities on features that are supported by PayPal donation.
    Your suggestion of customizing login text and logo has been added in our backlog. Please be free to have a look on, and click on the donation PayPal if you want to prioritize your request.
    Best regards,
    The multiOTP open source team
  • The new release allow some Desktop Agent Customization.
  • Well So many thanks for your reply, i already been able to change the text message under the login picture. I think browsing a photo while installing the agent will be so much powerful. and not hard against the bunch of work you are doing. am so happy that finally i found a reliable system which i can proud announce to any that I am an expert on Multi OTP.
  • Integrating a picture browser in the installer is not in our roadmap. A silent install should also be able to customize the logo, so the multiotp.bmp implementation will remain. Regards,
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