SMTP functionality?

I have built a multiOTP VM in my lab using the .ova template and upgraded it to the latest version. I am testing it with a VPN appliance and with user synchronisation with AD and after a bit of playing around everything is working. I was hoping that the SMTP functionality included emailing the user with their QR code so they can add it to their authenticator app (Google Authenticator or similar). I have added my SMTP server details to the multiotp.ini file but there seems to be no SMTP functionality? I was hoping with the crontab script I have added to the daily crontab the I wouldn't need to manually give new users their QR code. The same behaviour is seen when manually adding a user. I don't see anything in the logs with regards to email or SMTP and I can't see anything in the SMTP servers logs so I don't think it is making any SMTP connections. I may have misunderstood what the SMTP functionality is however... Cheers Andy


  • Hello Andy, can you please confirm that you are using the open source version ? Have a nice day Yann
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    Hi, yes I built this with the .ova file from here - and then upgraded it to the latest available in the same place by overwriting the files in /usr/local/bin/multiotp/ with the ones in the .zip file. I also extracted the four files from the Rasberry PI image (index.php, multiotp.class.php, multiotp.php & multiotp.proxy.php) and copied them to the /usr/local/bin/multiotp/ folder. Many thanks Andy
  • Hello Andy, No SMTP feature is implemented (nor documented) in the open source edition, but everything is ready for if you want to implement it. In commercial editions, mail can be sent automatically with a PDF attached provisioning file for each suer. Regards, Andre
  • Hi Andre, I am a bit confused by your reply.... Are you saying it is should work with the open source edition but there is no documentation for it, or that it will only work with the commercial edition? Cheers, Andy
  • Hello Andy, sorry for the confusion.
    In the open source edition, the data structure is ready to handle the parameters, but sending mails is not implemented.
  • OK. Is there a plan to implement this into the open source version or is this reserved for the commercial edition? Is there any way to automate it currently with the open source edition?
  • Hello,
    Sure, you can freely extend the multiotp class (class MyMultiotp extends Multiotp) and implements some derived classes like SyncUserModified.
  • Ah OK... So not something for the extremely casual coder like me then...
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    Yes, it's the opportunity of the open source world, you can adapt and enhanced what you want, but you need to make some codes...

    Depending the size of your company, you should also think about a [Donation] in order to support a quicker implementation of this feature in the open source edition ;-)

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