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Hi Dear first of all thanks for making multiotp. I read in readme file that you support seamoon tokens they gave me .smd file which is , seprated serial number and 292 character seed but i am unable to import the file into multiotp. -------------sample smd file-------------- 795100000,SS0000607950000011FD208702ECFEC5870E571FD7153E41B71FE80B8E451C8E2DE026EEC7FF18A21366674B2E5079E1DFC75262C1832CFC0FC75262C1832CFC0FC75262C1832CFC0E0FE0175437FAB9B8FFFD2923437119A25C99E25C7986A550E85EAEFBB7B12890E85EAEFBB7B12890E85EAEFBB7B12890E85EAEFBB7B12890E85EAEFBB7B12890E85EAEFBB7B1289== ----------------------------------------------- how can i use it with multiotp ? Regards, Faisal


  • Hello, We have asked the question to Seamoon, previous oath/hotp SMD file was provided in this format by Seamoon: 797000942,0AGWmrbqNODDWhhVCtCD (serial number, and seed in Base64). In your example, the serial number is 795100000, followed by again the serial number (SS00006079500000), followed by at least the (encoded?) seed and perhaps something else. Which kind of token is it (exact type) ? Is it OATH compatible ? Could you check if Seamoon is not providing now an RFC standard provisioning file ? Regards, Andre
  • Are you using a Seamoon KingKey ? Only these tokens from Seamoon have been tested, with the following parameters: TOTP, 6 digits, 60 seconds time interval. The seeds were extracted manually from the SMD file provided.
  • Thanks for the reply, This is the token i am using, and they wrote on the page this, Standard Support OATH based, The detail please refer ietf standards RFC 4226 (Read RFC4226),
  • The RFC 4226 is the standard describing how the HOTP is calculated, this is already implemented and it's not a problem. But Seamoon don't use a standard format for their seeds file, which is the problem to import their tokens. We are waiting news from Seamoon. Regards
  • Ok dear thanks
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    Here is the answer of Seamoon: (...) Normally we based the clients requirement, we can provide the hex clear seed, or clear Based64 seed. and we plan to provide pskc format seed at 2017. So please just ask your client send one email to me, i can send him the hex clear seed. I think like that you Will no problem. if any questions please email me. thanks & best regards Li Peiji (
  • When Seamoon will provide PSKC provisioning file, it will be possible to automatically import the seeds with multiOTP. Regards
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