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  • Integrating a picture browser in the installer is not in our roadmap. A silent install should also be able to customize the logo, so the multiotp.bmp implementation will remain.
  • The new release allow some Desktop Agent Customization.
  • Hello, and thanks a lot for your feedback and your support.
Maintaining and improving our open source solution take time, and we set priorities on features that are supported by PayPal donation.
Your suggestion of…
  • Hello,
Login message will be customisable in the next release.
NO customization of the logo is planned, but as it's an open source solution, you can compile the source with your own logo.
  • Hello thanks for your feedback. We close the case. Probably a file authorization issue.
  • Hello, as we've seen your other question in the forum, we suppose that it's all ok now, that's it ?
  • Hello, as the token generator (probably your mobile phone) and the token server are not always exactly synchronized at the second, we need to have a "max time window" in order to be able to accept an OTP from a token that is not issue exac…
    in MultiOTP Comment by AndreL February 2018
  • Hello Takabow, please disable also permanently the display log option (multiotp -config display-log=0), because ntlm_auth expects to receive NT_KEY and receive LOG 2018... instead!
multiotp.php is stripped and everything is included in one f…
  • Hello,
FreeRADIUS parses the stdout in order to extract the NT_KEY information provided by multiotp. Please disable the display of PHP Warning/Notice/Information on the stdout and put them in a log file only. The warning " Module 'mbstr…
  • Hello, as much as you have, as long as you have enough place on the disk.
The synchronization process can take some time.
How many users do you have ?
  • Hello,
You have to give the full path to the multiotp file, which is in this case:
Alternatively, you could type the following:
alias multiotp='/usr/local/bin/multiotp/mu…
  • You are welcome.
  • Hello, for multiotpmschap, your multiotp.php parameters are wrong, you have apparently kept the ntlm_auth parameters instead!


  • Hello, control:Auth-Type == MS-CHAP is the problem, replace MS-CHAP with mschap
Content for policy.d:
 multiotp_prefix = ''
 multiotp.authorize {
 # This test force multiOTP for any MS-CHAP(v2),C…
  • Hello,
We need more detail please.
Which version of Linux distribution are you using ?
Which version of FreeRADIUS ?
Which version of multiOTP open source (multiotp.php -v), or do you use our open source virtual appli…
  • Hello, the new multiOTP open source virtual appliance in VMware format is available for download:

Thanks in advance for your feedback


  • Hello Alex,

Starting with version, if multiOTP files are installed on a Linux machine, the data folders will always be under /etc/multiotp/ (/etc/multiotp/config, /etc/multiotp/users/, ...)

The last version …
  • Hello Evgenyte,

We have done a test with the same server: Windows Server 2012R2 with All Updates, Has AD DS role, DNS role. (Primary Domain Controller).

Could you please check with the version which is avail…
  • Hello,
We were able to reproduce the problem and we found the issue, the new version is available on
Regards and thanks a lot for your valuable feedback.
Any comments welcome.
The Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 x86 or x64 should be integrated, but it could be possible that there is a problem here. Try to downlo…
  • To be clear, you are using this installer, right ?
  • Hello, no, SquirrelIT don't do anything about PHP.

What is the exact process, and when does the error appears ?

After the installation process, you should have a C:\multiOTP directory, right ?

If yo…
  • Hello Evgenyte,

What did you type as the password for this user ?

Based on your configuration (default-request-prefix-pin=1 and default-request-ldap-pwd=1), the password of the user should be: [AD password] + [token…
  • Please note that as soon as you have changed the attributes to encrypt, the selected attributes of each record will be encrypted the next time the record is touched, you don't have to do anything else. Regards, Andre
  • Hi andre, The value ** is set when launching the "check.multiotp.class.php" file. This is for debugging purpose. $multiotp->_config_data['attributes_to_encrypt'] = '**';  // For test purposes only // Write the configuration informati…
  • Hello, In multiotp.ini file, the attributes_to_encrypt= must be empty in order to encrypt the default sensitive attributes, which are the following: * admin_password_hash * challenge * device_secret * ldap_hash_cache * ldap_server_password * scratch…
  • Hello, Thanks for your link, very useful for a lot of users. Best regards, Andre
  • Thanks, you should even be able to find a link somewhere to our donation button if you want :-) In the next release, the "server" component will ignore the display_log parameter. Best regards, and thanks again for your valuable feedback …
  • Ok, I think I have it :-) ! The display_log flag is probably still actived in the configuration of your server ! Please put display_log=0 in your multiotp.ini on the server side and try it again ! Best regards, Andre
  • Hello, Could you please download this beta version of multiotp.exe and give us the detailed error message ? Best regards