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  • OK, case closed, thanks for the quick feedback.
  • Hello, This should be possible, we regularly do that. I just tried now and everything went fine. Do you have perhaps a access right problem to the tokens directory for the web server ? Regards, Andre
  • Yes, it's the opportunity of the open source world, you can adapt and enhanced what you want, but you need to make some codes... Depending the size of your company, you should also think about a [Donation] in order to support a quicker implemen…
  • Hello, Sure, you can freely extend the multiotp class (class MyMultiotp extends Multiotp) and implements some derived classes like SyncUserModified. Regards, Andre
  • The Raspberry Pi 3B+ compatible image is available since January 31. 2019. Regards, Supported Raspberry Pi hardware: 1B/1B+/2B/3B/3B+
    in Raspberry Pi 3B+ Comment by AndreL May 2
  • Hello Andy, sorry for the confusion. In the open source edition, the data structure is ready to handle the parameters, but sending mails is not implemented. Regards,
  • Nice to hear it! Which credential provider client did you use? Regards,
  • Hello, By default, the user seed is encrypted in the "user".db file token_seed:=Jz1qOWtaczM+ZXE4ajc2CnE5bjotY21nPV4lb2ZvI2xoNDwDL2ViZA== You can overwrite this value with an unencrypted one in hexa when removing the : before the = tok…
  • Hello Andy, No SMTP feature is implemented (nor documented) in the open source edition, but everything is ready for if you want to implement it. In commercial editions, mail can be sent automatically with a PDF attached provisioning file for e…
  • Hello Muzammel, In order to have the new behavior concerning the call of the CheckUserTokenOnServer() method, you only need to upgrade the server to version, clients don't have to be upgraded for that (security parameters have always …
  • Hello Sergey, The command line -restore-config has been fixed in the version of multiOTP open source ( Please check it on your side and close this issue if it is resolved. …
  • Hello Muzammel, Thanks for your detailled questions. As I understand, the client of the open source edition is sometimes installed on a non-trusted machine. To answer to your needs, we have provided a new version. Now in client/server m…
  • Hello Sergey, The command line -restore-config has been fixed in the version of multiOTP open source ( Thanks to try it and to keep us in touch. Regards, Andre
  • Hello Muzammel, As long as the cache mode is desactivated, the users data cache are not stored on the client side. The seed is NOT encrypted with encryption_hash. It is encrypted with an encryption key, and the encryption_hash is a non-reversible …
  • Did you change the ntlm_auth variable also, as desribed in the readme ?
  • Hello, Could you please provide us the configuration you have done in FreeRADIUS ? Regards,
  • The new improved the process for huge Active Directory.
  • The feature is now implemented since version (2017-12-04) Regards,
  • Hello, With the last edition, huge AD are now much better supported. Put all the users you want to synchronize in one or two groups, set the Base DN to the value that point to, and it should do the works. Keep us in touch, Re…
  • Hello, as writen in the readme file, the issuer can be changed using the following option : multiotp -config issuer=my_new_issuer (this will change the issuer= attribute in the config file multiotp.ini) Regards,
  • The whole web GUI is integrated in multiotp.server.php, an implementation sample of the web service/GUI. Regards,
    in WebGui Comment by AndreL July 2018
  • The whole web GUI is integrated in multiotp.server.php, an implementation sample of the web service/GUI. Regards,
    in Need Help Comment by AndreL July 2018
  • Hello, Thanks a lot for your feedback. Regards. Andre
  • Integrating a picture browser in the installer is not in our roadmap. A silent install should also be able to customize the logo, so the multiotp.bmp implementation will remain. Regards,
  • The new release allow some Desktop Agent Customization. Regards,
  • Hello, and thanks a lot for your feedback and your support. Maintaining and improving our open source solution take time, and we set priorities on features that are supported by PayPal donation. Your suggestion of customizing login text and …
  • Hello, Login message will be customisable in the next release. NO customization of the logo is planned, but as it's an open source solution, you can compile the source with your own logo. Regards,
  • Hello thanks for your feedback. We close the case. Probably a file authorization issue. Regards
  • Hello, as we've seen your other question in the forum, we suppose that it's all ok now, that's it ? Regards,
  • Hello, as the token generator (probably your mobile phone) and the token server are not always exactly synchronized at the second, we need to have a "max time window" in order to be able to accept an OTP from a token that is not issue exactly at the…
    in MultiOTP Comment by AndreL February 2018