MultiOTP AD integration: domain prefix

Hello. I set multiotp. ./multiotp.php -config default-request-prefix-pin=0 ./multiotp.php -config default-request-ldap-pwd=0 ./multiotp.php -config ldap-server-type=1 ./multiotp.php -config ldap-cn-identifier="sAMAccountName" ./multiotp.php -config ldap-group-cn-identifier="sAMAccountName" ./multiotp.php -config ldap-group-attribute="memberOf" ./multiotp.php -config ldap-ssl=0 ./multiotp.php -config ldap-port=389 ./multiotp.php -config ldap-domain-controllers=xxxxxxxxxx ./multiotp.php -config ldap-base-dn="DC=test,DC=lab" ./multiotp.php -config ldap-bind-dn="CN=user,DC=test,DC=lab" ./multiotp.php -config ldap-server-password="xxxxxxxxx" ./multiotp.php -config ldap-network-timeout=10 ./multiotp.php -config ldap-time-limit=30 ./multiotp.php -config ldap-activated=1 ./multiotp.php -debug -display-log -ldap-users-sync It works. But when I enter the credentials I need to enter the domain prefix. (for example: test/user1) Can it be removed and enter only username without domain prefix? Since we have a single domain. And where should I change the settings? Thanks in advance.


  • Hello, this will be implemented this month in the next release of multiOTP Credential Provider. Regards
  • The feature is now implemented since version (2017-12-04) Regards,
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