how to change users secret seed ( base32 )

hi i have a user that uses this secret seed ( copy paste from the website ) algorithm: TOTP secret seed: 90206bd147a771f9a8e2e1480d0fafcc2e977f20 (or SAQGYUKHU5Y7TKHC4BEA2D5PZQXJO7ZA in Base32, like for Google Authenticator) number of digits: 6 time interval: 30 Is there a way to change these secret seed ( base32 ) after the user is created ??? thanks in advance m


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    By default, the user seed is encrypted in the "user".db file

    You can overwrite this value with an unencrypted one in hexa when removing the : before the =

    The next time something is changed for this user, the token_seed field will be automatically encrypted again (of course with the retained new value).

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