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  • feels like the VM is not working like it should...
  • wait, whenever i use the windows-web-service, it just works with the settings provided in the beginning of this post.
  • on the web-interface it seems to work
  • I guess i do not know where to start with the appliance. @ appliance: LOG 2017-06-03 13:50:37 debug Client-Server Warning: Host on port 8112 not reached before a timeout of 5 seconds. LOG 2017-06-03 13:50:37 debug Client-Server Wa…
  • Hi Andre, succefully installed the client. Unfortunately the " user does not exist" remains. I have an appliance (upgraded with the seperate PHP-files). Also a windows service installation gives the same " user does not exist". Is there someth…
  • Hi Andre, yes and also from the installer i get the same error after (extracting files, during install) a msg dialog appears: "cannot load library php7.dll". I get the directory on c:\multiotp b…
  • Tried the version of the client @ windows 10.0.14393 but it does fail at installation (php-7.dll cannot be loaded). Did not verify the backend. Should be reported @ squirrelit?
  • Hi, i'm new to multiotp. Can it be that on windows 10, 1607 build 14393 and higher, the client does not work? It seems to have heartbeat at windows 7 but then the backend responds with: user does not exist