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  • OK. So I looked into this and it has really just exposed my lack of Linux knowledge and best practises TBH... The MultiOTP virtual appliance image doesn't create any other users than root. SCP copying without interactive login requires you to set…
  • The user base is fairly static so I think a master/slave setup is adequate. I have added the AD synchronisation CRON job on the 'master' to happen daily. I guess I could just amend the script to copy the files immediately after. Just need to brush…
  • As the host is an ESXi VM I cloned it to another ESXi host and then changed the clone's IPv4 address. This works for the existing users that were already on the original MultiOTP VM. I have removed the CRON job on the cloned VM that synchronises u…
  • Hmm... Just tried this again and it worked using MS Edge. Not sure what was going on before? Deleted them and re-imported them a few times so I can only put this down to user error - however I didn't do anything different...
  • Ah OK... So not something for the extremely casual coder like me then...
  • OK. Is there a plan to implement this into the open source version or is this reserved for the commercial edition? Is there any way to automate it currently with the open source edition?
  • Hi Andre, I am a bit confused by your reply.... Are you saying it is should work with the open source edition but there is no documentation for it, or that it will only work with the commercial edition? Cheers, Andy
  • Hi, yes I built this with the .ova file from here - and then upgraded it to the latest available in the same place by overwriting the files in /usr/local/bin/multiotp/ with the one…